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review of the great gatsby…

little tobin: did you like the movie?
daughter: i was asleep for almost the whole thing…
little tobin: so, that’s a no?
daughter: that was horrible – snoozefest galore, did you like it?
little tobin: well the actors weren’t so good, the movie wasn’t great, visually i thought it would be more over the top.
But yeah i really like it.
daughter: not exactly a rave review.
1 thumb up… for what, i have no clue.

review of lincoln…

little tobin: he was totally lincoln!
daughter: yeah he’s such a great actor.
little tobin: NO, i mean he WAS lincoln.
daughter: uh oh, you do realize he is an actor, right?
little tobin: oh shut up.
daughter: well i loved james spader the most in it.
little tobin: yeah, only because he was on your bedroom walls when you were 13!
daughter: soooooo!
(4 thumbs up for lincoln – mine for james spader – long live pretty in pink!)

review of looper…

daughter: that is exactly why i do not have kids.
little tobin: why didn’t they just let that poor man go back to his wife, that’s all he wanted.
daughter: huh? i think i fell asleep during that part. i am going to have nightmares about that kid.
little tobin: i think we needed some drugs to enjoy that one. Next time it’s your pick.

review of martha marcy may marlene…

(on netflix)
little tobin: is that the end – are you kidding me!?
daughter: ugh yeah i think so. i feel claustrophobic.
little tobin: who the hell liked that movie?  was that your pick?
daughter: it was recommended by a lot of people.
little tobin: yeah people who think they are supposed to like this movie. i’m picking the NEXT!