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review of martha marcy may marlene…

(on netflix)
little tobin: is that the end – are you kidding me!?
daughter: ugh yeah i think so. i feel claustrophobic.
little tobin: who the hell liked that movie?  was that your pick?
daughter: it was recommended by a lot of people.
little tobin: yeah people who think they are supposed to like this movie. i’m picking the NEXT!

review of hope springs…

(prior to movie)
little tobin: i’m going to stop for candy before the movie – it’s highway robbery at the theater.
daughter: you know they check bags.
little tobin: oh no way are they checking my bag – i’ll shove the candy in my pants,
throw my hands in the air and just yell “who owns this joint!”
daughter: oh god, i’m going in first.

(after the movie)
daughter: the lady next to me thought that was the best movie she has ever seen.
little tobin: she obviously does not get out often.