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Fun game – no brakes?…

little tobin: hey wanna got for a ride?
daughter: sure. why not – a sunday drive.
(happily jump in the car, coffees in hand and off for a nice relaxing drive – little tobin at the helm)
little tobin: (approaching a steep hill) soooo, have you ever played the fun game called “Try not to use your brakes?”
daughter: pull over! i’m out!
little tobin: woosy!

ridin’ in the car…

(running down the stairs heading out the door)
little tobin: well now look at US! we are twins!
daughter: (stopping in my tracks) yup this is how it’s going to be now – me, matching my mother…
little tobin: we are so CUTE!

(pulling out of the driveway)
little tobin: how’s my lipstick?
daughter: how’s mine? ahhh we are rolling into the street!
little tobin & daughter: HAHAHAHAH whoooppssss!
little tobin: at least our lipstick looks good!

(finally on the way)
little tobin: what’s this song?  hey jessseeeeeeee
daughter: no! it’s called hey jealous.
little tobin: nah, i like my version better…. HEYYY JESSEEEeeeeee

(heading home, officer blocking our street)
daughter: officer can we just go down there?, we live on the street.
little tobin: why are you talking in that voice?
daughter: shhhhhh
little tobin: it’s  your fake nice voice… he sees through it!
daughter: come on, stop!
officer: ladies you can proceed.
daughter: thank you officer.
little tobin: oh puhleaseeee, there it is again!

new car!…

little tobin: are you going to drive your new car carefully?
daughter: what? are you kidding me? this is not the first car i have owned, you know?
little tobin: yeah i get it but you haven’t owned a car for 8 years, it’s not like riding a bicycle.
daughter: yeah it is like riding a bicycle, you don’t forget and i’m not careless!
little tobin: i don’t know how to ride a bike well.
daughter: oh my god, that is not the point!

the search for a car…

daughter: is the price $2500 firm?
man with car: well I’d like to get cash plus firewood.
daughter: oh well, I don’t have any firewood, just cash.
man with car: that’s too bad honey, I really need the wood.
daughter: ewwww

daughter: can i come see your car today?
man with second car: do you know where I live?
daughter: well no, can I get the address?
man with second car: ok so my driveway is 1/4 mile long, it’s between 11 and 15, if you see
2 telephone polls that are approx. 5 feet tall and about 7 feet apart from eachother, drive through those.
That’s my gate that leads straight up to the house, it’s a big white bachelor pad.
daughter: ok is there a street address?
man with second car: oh right, yes I can give you that.
little tobin: I’m coming with you.