little tobin:
retired social worker  • world traveler • lover of plants • keen interior designer • self-professed funny lady.
(she will never be defined by the fronto-temporal dementia that has robbed her of her life… that’s just not my mother and all who know her understand that.)

graphic designer • artist • wanderer • friend to all seniors & felines • self-imposed exile to the berkshires.
(After 20 years of living apart how will these 2 survive each other? with humor and patience)

footnote: the title of the blog is a reference to grey gardens the documentary: if you haven’t seen it, do so now. if you have seen it then you will know that when i start wearing a head scarf and little tobin takes to her bedroom with a hot plate and 10 cats we will call it a day. until then ENJOY!

(c) Copyright 2012 littletobinanddaughter


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