Category: fashion

hospital fashion?…

MRI lady: ok, you just have to put these pants on then we’ll be good to get started…
little tobin: what pants? are they flashy?
MRI lady: excuse me?
daughter: cool? sassy? trendy? got some personality? she’s a fashion plate…
little tobin: yeah, something snazzy...
MRI lady: here ya go (tossing what looks like a tarps worth of mint green pant)
little tobin: nope – sorry, not at all what we were talking about… she has got to be kiddin’ me?…
(and the stand-off begins… at midnight, in the MRI room, on a work night)

opinions needed…

little tobin: hey how does this look? (completely serious look on her face)
daughter: you have no pants on…
little tobin: so, what does that matter? just come on, how does it look? (doing a half spin sort of move, still with no pants)
daughter: stop! can’t judge without the full outfit, put some freakin’ pants on.
little tobin: maybe this IS the full outfit.
daughter: oh god!

little tobin: how do my eyebrows look?
daughter: (long perplexed pause)
little tobin: i enhanced them with liner…
daughter: oh right. yes, i would have never known.
little tobin: jerk.

off to an afternoon of doctor visits…

little tobin: are you wearing that?
daughter: (dressed in what i thought was appropriate attire to sit in WAITING ROOMS!)
yeah, what the heck is wrong with this outfit?
little tobin: well I know you can look better. and we will be around doctors… just sayin’
daughter: oh my god, are you trying to pimp me out to your doctor!?
little tobin: i did not say that! – but you know, a little lipstick never hurts…

pants or no pants?…

little tobin: hey do you know about this thing called skypers?
daughter: if you are talking about skype, then yup.
little tobin: yeah exactly. Do you have to wear pants on skypers?
daughter: who the hell are you skyping?
little tobin: what does that matter!?… a friend, if you must know.
daughter: why you being so cagey?
little tobin: just answer the question! pants or not?
daughter: depends on the friend! HEHEHE!
little tobin: oh jesus, come on!… grrrrrrrrr.

fashion show responsibilties?…

daughter: hey so during the fashion show can you wear your shirt, mingle in the crowd and pass out cards?
little tobin: my card? retired social worker at your service!
daughter: yes your card, OH MY GOD – NO! MY cards!
little tobin: i’m KIDDING! get a grip.. jeezz can’t even joke.
daughter: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.