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proper election results viewing…

little tobin: hey turn on the election results!
daughter: yeah i did, it’s on. (tv currently on PBS)
little tobin: oh no, who the hell are these people? i don’t know them – damn they are boring…
daughter: huh, we don’t know any of them on any channel, but they seem the least showy.
little tobin: ok i do not like this, where are the people i know? (switching to NBC)
little tobin: well helloooooo brian williams.. ahhhhhh


daughter: (to polling man) hey we made a mistake, can we get another?
polling man: what?
daughter: my mom wants to change her answer to one of the questions –  she forgot her glasses and didn’t read it correctly, we just need another ballot – i swear we are not tampering with anything.
little tobin: i just need to fill out another ballot, it’s no biggy – it’s not like we are trying to cheat and fill out 2…
(police descend)
little tobin & daughter: (exiting the polling station in a hurry) Yippeeee we voted for POT!