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wait a minute mr. postman…

(it’s a snowy saturday afternoon as the unassuming postman arrives at our door…)
little tobin: (greeting him at the door) well hello, you don’t happen to have netflix for us?
mr. postman: uh, yeah seems like i have 2, here you go.
little tobin: oh GREAT! ok wait, i need to open these and see what one is a duplicate.
my daughter went and got one at the video store for me last night, do you know there are still video stores?, but it was already in our queue and now i think you are delivering it. so i need to open these, double-check and then i can give you back the one i don’t want and you can send it on back to the netflix people. sound good?
mr. postman: ma’am, i can’t wait for you to do whatever you just told me you are going to do.
little tobin: oh puhleaseeee. yes you can.
(mr. postman waited – smart choice man…)

review of martha marcy may marlene…

(on netflix)
little tobin: is that the end – are you kidding me!?
daughter: ugh yeah i think so. i feel claustrophobic.
little tobin: who the hell liked that movie?  was that your pick?
daughter: it was recommended by a lot of people.
little tobin: yeah people who think they are supposed to like this movie. i’m picking the NEXT!