Category: humor

tidbits from the weekend…

nurse: lil, lil… how was your lunch?
little tobin: good… (pensively forming a thought) but the service sucked…
daughter: (i just realized i was the service…)

resident on unit: hey guy! guy! … hey guy!
daughter: (tap on my shoulder behind me…)
resident on unit: hey, hey guy! are you the one who brought me the ice cream last week?
daughter: noooo, i don’t think so…
resident on unit: wait, are you a guy?
daughter: nope, i’m sure not…
resident on unit: well, then obviously you didn’t bring me the ice cream… why didn’t you just say so!
daughter: (beyond no clue what to say… but once again, must grow out this hair!)

scheduling absurdity…

how can i not find humor in all this when i look at my day planner for tomorrow and it reads as follows…

Wednesday FEB. 12th:
1. Cancer – 10am
2. Taxes – 3pm
3. Therapy – 5pm
(did i offend the scheduling gods?… i mean seriously, did i?…)