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review of life of pi…

little tobin: amazingly beautiful.
daughter: heart-wrenchingingly gorgeous.

daughter: you think he ever got on a boat again?
little tobin: oh god, no way. I’m never getting on a boat!
daughter: nope me either, not a chance.

(4 thumbs up for the film – 4 thumbs down for a cruise vacation)

review of the words…

little tobin: blah blah blah blah.. i need a freakin beer!
daugher: you don’t even drink!
little tobin: EXACTLY!
(thank god it was $5 movie night)

(conversation happening during the film)
old man sitting next to us: why the heck doesn’t the wife just get a job?
wife of old man: yeah what’s that about?
woman answers from across the theater: she must think she’s too pretty to work.

review of martha marcy may marlene…

(on netflix)
little tobin: is that the end – are you kidding me!?
daughter: ugh yeah i think so. i feel claustrophobic.
little tobin: who the hell liked that movie?  was that your pick?
daughter: it was recommended by a lot of people.
little tobin: yeah people who think they are supposed to like this movie. i’m picking the NEXT!