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retirement career options we have ruled out while watching a marathon of HOMELAND:

1. war hero (kinda obvious)
2. celebrity (we like our privacy)
3. CIA agent (much too stressful, not enough sleep or proper nutrition)
4. pavement layer (re-paving road while we were watching, way to noisy for our delicate ears)

i am teaching high school!…

words of wisdom from little tobin as i was leaving for my first day teaching 10th & 11th graders graphic design:
little tobin: hey if you don’t like a kid, don’t tell them, ok? i know you.
daughter: i wouldn’t do that!
little tobin: well if you say so, gosh i sure do hope they like you,
at least you all have acne in common.
daughter: thanks mom.
(i survived the first day, barely. i am teaching a graphic design class on the computer, emphasis on computer –
i walked in and was told all the computers were down for the day)