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i never want to eat apples & cider again…

daughter: this sign has ruined apples & cider for me forever…
little tobin: yeah do they mean eat apples & cider then you end up dead!
daughter: or are they apple & cider scented cemetery boxes? HAHA
little tobin: nooo?! but maybeeeee.
daughter: makes it sound more festive that way! let’s believe that option.
little tobin: deal!


(admiring the sign from the sidewalk, minding our own business)
daughter: i love this sign.
little tobin: it’s actually really pretty with the sky.
hardware clerk: can i help you ladies with something?
little tobin: is he talking to us?
daughter: yes… nope we are fine, just looking at the sign.
little tobin: the oranges and the blues just look so nice together.
daughter: yeah… (to clerk) have you ever looked up at it?
hardware clerk: huh? at the sign?
daughter: yeah at the sign.
little tobin: you should really look up sometimes, it’s a whole new perspective.
(hardware clerk walks away baffled)