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begging to pay for new tires?…

(flat tire in the MASS MOCA parking lot… next day off to the Sears Auto Center)
little tobin & daughter: we have a flat tire – fix us please!
tire man: yes i see you are using a donut.
little tobin: why the heck do they call it a donut?
daughter: yeah no idea, kinda of a sweet name for a thing that’s not so nice.
tire man: ladies where is the old tire that was on the car?
little tobin: oh right, it’s in the trunk.
tire man: (grabs the tire that looks perfectly fine) ok i’m going to test this tire. (he returns with the tire, grinning)
tire man: ladies this tire is fine.
little tobin & daughter: oh no it’s not!
little tobin: he’s joking right?
daughter: man it was FLAT, like the rim was on the ground flat.
little tobin: the air was hissing out of it!
tire man: (pretty much laughing at us) well it’s fine, i can just put this back on.
little tobin: oh NO! do not put that crap tire back on. There is no santino around to change it for us again.
tire man: what? who is santino.
daughter: oh he’s my friend who took it off WHEN IT WAS FLAT!
tire man: but i don’t want to sell you tires it this one is fine.
little tobin: well we have the money and we want to give it to you so give us a new tire!
daughter: yeah, come on – we want a new tire and not that old one. So really just give us a new tire.
tire man: are you guys serious? you want to buy new tires?
little tobin: is this guy kiddin? he wont even take our money… it’s peace of mind!
daughter: yeah, please – i know maybe you think we are crazy but just give us the new tire.
tire man: ok ladies… whatever you say i guess.