Category: music

the harmonica…

(little tobin greets me merrily at the door… playing her harmonica – with all her heart…)

daughter: well look at you… playing a harmonica…loudly…
little tobin: i think i might have a hidden talent!
daughter: hum that’s interesting… it’s not half bad…
little tobin: half bad! excuse me?!… i think i can go somewhere with this…
daughter: yeah… on the road, thank you very much!
little tobin: humpf!

we join a drum circle…

daughter: what are you doing?
little tobin: my god, i have no idea – just hittin’ the drum.
daughter: in rhythm?
little tobin: doubt it. do you have snacks?
daughter: NO, we are drumming. you have to use your hands for that.
little tobin: i could figure out the snacks too!

(drumming teacher... ladiesssss how you doing? – oh damn we already got in trouble)

radio & rick astley…

daughter: ahhhhhhhh grrrrrrr
little tobin: why are you so mad at the car radio?
daughter: the music is horrible on these stations,
they are still playing rick astley on the top 40!
little tobin: isn’t that the cute redhead grandma used to love?
daughter: yeah him.
little tobin: awwee she loved him, she’d be happy to hear him on the radio.
daughter: yeah exactly, grandma – (who passed away 10 years ago) – would be happy.