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trip to the friendly social security office…

(upon entering the offices no one is there to greet us,
we both panic but see that someone is sitting at the next window –in unison)

little tobin: oh thank goodness
daughter: it’s jill
little tobin: our friend.
daughter: remember us? we were here a few months ago
little tobin: well i’ve been here since then too, but without you
daughter: oh ok, but well a few months ago my mom retired
little tobin: yup in may and haven’t worked since, yipppeee!
daughter: nope she sure hasn’t. We came here back in may and met with you.
little tobin: and you were just so nice to us, well you and that
handsome man who sits up front most of the time. where’s he?
daughter: yeah he’s unexpectedly helpful, is he not here anymore?
little tobin: he’s usually the guy we have to go through to get to you.
daughter: but I guess now we can just talk directly to you first, yes?
jill: (very perplexed, a little fearful, and somewhat laughing)
oh yes, I remember you two.

(jill is still our friend and believe me has not seen the last of us)