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review of silver linings playbook…

little tobin: amazing!…
daughter: they actually made mental illness look good…
little tobin: well that was all bradley cooper! he is gorgeous!
daughter: he looks like a bird, no thanks. robert deniro is way more attractive.
little tobin: you are so not normal.

(4 thumbs up)

review of the hobbit…

little tobin: wasn’t that cinematography just amazing?, i think that was the best movie i have seen this year,
it was just so beautiful and the actors were fabulous. what did you think?
daughter: it’s official – i will now have nightmares for the rest of my life! oh and i was asleep for the first half…
little tobin: you freakin’ whoosie! get over it, it was amazing. there was nothing you liked about it?
daughter: well i was glad to see the little guy from love actually got another job… those dogs were so SCARY!
little tobin: you are nuts! it’s make-believe…
daughter: who says!?

2 thumbs up (obviously from little tobin)


review of life of pi…

little tobin: amazingly beautiful.
daughter: heart-wrenchingingly gorgeous.

daughter: you think he ever got on a boat again?
little tobin: oh god, no way. I’m never getting on a boat!
daughter: nope me either, not a chance.

(4 thumbs up for the film – 4 thumbs down for a cruise vacation)

wait a minute mr. postman…

(it’s a snowy saturday afternoon as the unassuming postman arrives at our door…)
little tobin: (greeting him at the door) well hello, you don’t happen to have netflix for us?
mr. postman: uh, yeah seems like i have 2, here you go.
little tobin: oh GREAT! ok wait, i need to open these and see what one is a duplicate.
my daughter went and got one at the video store for me last night, do you know there are still video stores?, but it was already in our queue and now i think you are delivering it. so i need to open these, double-check and then i can give you back the one i don’t want and you can send it on back to the netflix people. sound good?
mr. postman: ma’am, i can’t wait for you to do whatever you just told me you are going to do.
little tobin: oh puhleaseeee. yes you can.
(mr. postman waited – smart choice man…)

review of lincoln…

little tobin: he was totally lincoln!
daughter: yeah he’s such a great actor.
little tobin: NO, i mean he WAS lincoln.
daughter: uh oh, you do realize he is an actor, right?
little tobin: oh shut up.
daughter: well i loved james spader the most in it.
little tobin: yeah, only because he was on your bedroom walls when you were 13!
daughter: soooooo!
(4 thumbs up for lincoln – mine for james spader – long live pretty in pink!)

review of skyfall…

daughter: that running was fantastic! i need to run like that…
little tobin: that will never happen in your lifetime…
daughter: yeah i can’t make it once around that track – another dream squashed.

(we 80% liked it, 100% loved javier bardem but will have nightmares about his blonde hair)

review of looper…

daughter: that is exactly why i do not have kids.
little tobin: why didn’t they just let that poor man go back to his wife, that’s all he wanted.
daughter: huh? i think i fell asleep during that part. i am going to have nightmares about that kid.
little tobin: i think we needed some drugs to enjoy that one. Next time it’s your pick.

review of the words…

little tobin: blah blah blah blah.. i need a freakin beer!
daugher: you don’t even drink!
little tobin: EXACTLY!
(thank god it was $5 movie night)

(conversation happening during the film)
old man sitting next to us: why the heck doesn’t the wife just get a job?
wife of old man: yeah what’s that about?
woman answers from across the theater: she must think she’s too pretty to work.