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review of captain phillips…

(credits are rolling…)
little tobin: so what did you think, on a scale of 1 to 10?
daughter: hummm i’d give it an 8…
little tobin: AN 8! are you freaking kidding me! were we at the same movie!? an 8??, that was a dog!
daughter: so i’m guessing you didn’t like it as much?
little tobin: i give it a 2 – MAX!…
daughter: really? you didn’t like tom hanks? i thought he gave a great performance. it was a tad too long but besides that it was so suspenseful and emotional.
little tobin: oh please… ship, boat, ship… snoooooze fest! big cry baby! wah wah i’m in seat 15 – wah wah wah that’s not my blood…
daughter: 4 men were shot in front of him!
little tobin: and he wasn’t one of them… so get over it!
daughter: whatever, he was fantastic!
little tobin: disagree.. he’s NO liam neeson!
daughter: i have no argument for that.
(2 thumbs up… obviously not from little tobin…)

late commentary on paranoia, the movie…

daughter: (trying to open the front door) heyyyyy! why the hell is the table in front of the door?
little tobin: i saw paranoia…
daughter: are you serious?! … you saw that over 2 months ago!
little tobin: that s**t sticks with you!

(warning: movie not safe for mothers prone to booby trapping)


review of Pacific Rim (first 10 mins only) & The Heat

(at this point we have sat through 10 mins of this “film” they are calling Pacific Rim)
little tobin: (in a loud whisper) hey, what the hell is this shit?
daughter: i don’t freakin’ know, you picked it!
little tobin: hell i did! this is so not for us…
daughter: completely agree!
little tobin: let’s ditch this crap…

(The Heat is starting across the hallway – we scurry)
little tobin: ahhhh, this is where we belong… even the seats are more comfy…
daughter: yeah this is much more our speed.

(exiting the theater)
little tobin: that was HYSTERICAL! so glad i spoke up so you didn’t torture me with that other picture…
daughter: once again it was NOT MY PICK!
little tobin: sure, sure… if you say so…

(4 thumbs up for The Heat. female buddy cop film makes our night!
ZERO thumbs for that loud scary movie with monsters/machines and a camp full of teen boys in the audience.. ugh)


review of the hobbit…

little tobin: wasn’t that cinematography just amazing?, i think that was the best movie i have seen this year,
it was just so beautiful and the actors were fabulous. what did you think?
daughter: it’s official – i will now have nightmares for the rest of my life! oh and i was asleep for the first half…
little tobin: you freakin’ whoosie! get over it, it was amazing. there was nothing you liked about it?
daughter: well i was glad to see the little guy from love actually got another job… those dogs were so SCARY!
little tobin: you are nuts! it’s make-believe…
daughter: who says!?

2 thumbs up (obviously from little tobin)


review of skyfall…

daughter: that running was fantastic! i need to run like that…
little tobin: that will never happen in your lifetime…
daughter: yeah i can’t make it once around that track – another dream squashed.

(we 80% liked it, 100% loved javier bardem but will have nightmares about his blonde hair)

review of hope springs…

(prior to movie)
little tobin: i’m going to stop for candy before the movie – it’s highway robbery at the theater.
daughter: you know they check bags.
little tobin: oh no way are they checking my bag – i’ll shove the candy in my pants,
throw my hands in the air and just yell “who owns this joint!”
daughter: oh god, i’m going in first.

(after the movie)
daughter: the lady next to me thought that was the best movie she has ever seen.
little tobin: she obviously does not get out often.

review of bourne legacy…

little tobin: well now that was not what I expected.
daughter: really? why?
little tobin: he was just much too sweet, not so vicious.
daughter: and what was up with that growth on edward norton’s face?
so distracting
little tobin: oh yeah i couldn’t even look at him on-screen.
daughter: ditto
little tobin: but I loved it.
daughter: yup me TOO! loved it!
little tobin: 4 stars, definitely recommend.