review of captain phillips…

(credits are rolling…)
little tobin: so what did you think, on a scale of 1 to 10?
daughter: hummm i’d give it an 8…
little tobin: AN 8! are you freaking kidding me! were we at the same movie!? an 8??, that was a dog!
daughter: so i’m guessing you didn’t like it as much?
little tobin: i give it a 2 – MAX!…
daughter: really? you didn’t like tom hanks? i thought he gave a great performance. it was a tad too long but besides that it was so suspenseful and emotional.
little tobin: oh please… ship, boat, ship… snoooooze fest! big cry baby! wah wah i’m in seat 15 – wah wah wah that’s not my blood…
daughter: 4 men were shot in front of him!
little tobin: and he wasn’t one of them… so get over it!
daughter: whatever, he was fantastic!
little tobin: disagree.. he’s NO liam neeson!
daughter: i have no argument for that.
(2 thumbs up… obviously not from little tobin…)

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