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where we’ve been…

(there have been inquires into our whereabouts over the last 2 months… i think this might explain it all)

daughter: so it seems you do have lung cancer…
little tobin: humm, i’m ok with that… the dementia shit is what’s going to get me, right?
daughter: most likely…

(that has been 2014 in a nutshell – hoping to find a bit of humor in all this soon)

and so it begins…

daughter: hey mom do you know what a blog is?
little tobin: umm no
daughter: it’s like a journal but it’s online.
I’m thinking about doing one all about my adventures moving home.
little tobin: other people read these?
daughter: yeah that’s sort of the point, to get people to follow you online.
little tobin: that’s disgusting.

welcome to little tobin & daughter
(under protest from little tobin)