the search for a car…

daughter: is the price $2500 firm?
man with car: well I’d like to get cash plus firewood.
daughter: oh well, I don’t have any firewood, just cash.
man with car: that’s too bad honey, I really need the wood.
daughter: ewwww

daughter: can i come see your car today?
man with second car: do you know where I live?
daughter: well no, can I get the address?
man with second car: ok so my driveway is 1/4 mile long, it’s between 11 and 15, if you see
2 telephone polls that are approx. 5 feet tall and about 7 feet apart from eachother, drive through those.
That’s my gate that leads straight up to the house, it’s a big white bachelor pad.
daughter: ok is there a street address?
man with second car: oh right, yes I can give you that.
little tobin: I’m coming with you.

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