review of quartet…

(little tobin, daughter & friend… saturday matinée of Quartet at the Beacon Cinema)

little tobin: i want to live in a musicians retirement home!
friend: me too, wouldn’t that just be great…
daughter: you guys know neither of you play an instrument, right?
little tobin: i play the harmonica!
daughter: oh please, no you don’t… you bought a ‘harmonic for dummies’ cassette tape and never used it!
little tobin: i was in a jug band!
daughter: that is a total lie! you took one seminar.
little tobin: well i can sing…
friend: she’s right, she can, really she can!
daughter: i give up…

(6 thumbs up… maggie smith is a must see and i believe will be getting 2 new roomies soon!)

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