review of les miserables…

(spoiler ALERT! you are warned, we don’t keep secrets… well just from each other…)
little tobin:
amazing! amazing! amazing! weak link – russell crowe.
daughter: i was SO happy when he threw himself of that freakin’ bridge! and he has a band – and i think they are popular!
little tobin: obviously he doesn’t make his living from that… and someone must have lied to him somewhere alone the road of stardom.
daughter: yeah big time liars! but hugh jackman, YUM YUM! even when he had those creepy red eyes and was emaciated he was adorable!
little tobin: he could carry me through a nasty sewer anytime!
(4 thumbs up! – even though russell crowe was cringe worthy – others shouldn’t suffer in the rating because he’s delusional)

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