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house next door…

daughter: hey they finally finished the house next door and put it up for sale.
little tobin: yup and it’s SO cute!
daughter: i should buy it!
little tobin: what? then we would both move in there?
daughter: NOOOOO you would stay here and i would move in there, by myself, on my own, like a grown up!
little tobin: ok, got it, jeezzzzzz. but i’ll have a key, right?


cleaning time!…

little tobin: we have got to clean this house now, it’s a mess!
daughter: ok ok.. i got it. let’s do it right now and just get it done!
(we scatter in all directions getting our cleaning clothes on and grabbing supplies)
daughter: hey where are the paper towels?
little tobin: did you check the trunk of my car?
daughter: well no, that’s not the first place I thought to look. I’ll check.
(moments later)
daughter: none in the car storage.
little tobin: oh gosh we must be out.
daughter: i can not clean without paper towels. Want to watch the last disc of homeland?
little tobin: ohhhhh that sounds much better. let’s just not invite anyone over anytime soon, ok?
daughter: deal!