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what’s a slop vac?

(nice unassuming man is re-tiling our shower – as we hover)
nice man: do you guys have a shop vac?
daughter: what the heck is a slop vac?
little tobin: is it for all the slop we have around this house?
daughter: yeah we really need to clean this weekend.
little tobin: we could use this handy-dandy slop vac! i really would like one of those vacuums that’s a robot.
daughter: oh yeah, maybe in a cute red color. do they talk to you?
little tobin: ohhhh i wonder.
daughter: like on the jetsons, they must have those by now!
little tobin: let’s look online!
nice man: hey! it’s called a SHOP vac – and i’m guessing you guys don’t have one.
daughter & little tobin: oh yeah we don’t have that.