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tidbits from the weekend…

nurse: lil, lil… how was your lunch?
little tobin: good… (pensively forming a thought) but the service sucked…
daughter: (i just realized i was the service…)

resident on unit: hey guy! guy! … hey guy!
daughter: (tap on my shoulder behind me…)
resident on unit: hey, hey guy! are you the one who brought me the ice cream last week?
daughter: noooo, i don’t think so…
resident on unit: wait, are you a guy?
daughter: nope, i’m sure not…
resident on unit: well, then obviously you didn’t bring me the ice cream… why didn’t you just say so!
daughter: (beyond no clue what to say… but once again, must grow out this hair!)

storm preparation…

daughter: hey did you get batteries for the flashlights?
little tobin: yup got a few packs. also picked up a bunch of water and paper towels.
daughter: paper towels?
little tobin: what? we needed them!
daughter: ok fine. I got wine.
little tobin: did you get any food?
daughter: huh? nope, i thought you did.
little tobin: oh christ!
(can you eat paper towels in an emergency?)