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review of gravity…

daughter: oh my god… slit my freakin’ wrist…
little tobin: gouge my eyes out! that lady was a goddamn downer! minus ONE minus ONE!
daughter: where the hell is bridget jones when you need her!?
little tobin: getting chubby again for the next movie hopefully…
daughter: that sounds a thousands times more fun than that disaster!

(4 thumbs down for the depression horror show called gravity… 4 thumbs up for getting fat & happy!)

review of we need to talk about kevin…

daughter: oh my god that was so depressing.
little tobin: i am beyond depressed.
daughter: god i hate kevin.
little tobin: that was just awful, who wants to watch that.
daughter: the acting was good.
little tobin: yeah that’s why i’m so depressed.
daughter: that sucked the life out of me. let’s eat ice cream.
little tobin: we will need gallons and hours of will and grace to get over that.