(nurse walking us into the doctor’s office…)
nurse: can i take your weight?
lt &d: (in unison) well no thank you very much, we like it exactly where it is! HAHA!
daughter: you weirdo!
little tobin: you’re the weirdo!
lt &d! ahhhh HAHAHA!
little tobin: (to nurse, or hallway or anyone who will listen) actually you can take it all! HAHA! I have excess!
daughter: ditto! be gone with it…
nurse: (baffled, amused, annoyed… wishing she could go home but sort of smirking) ma’am can you step over here so i can weigh you, please?
little tobin: uh oh, she ma’amd me..
daughter: you’re in trouuublleeeee…

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