scented spring cleaning…

daughter: ok let the clean up begin!…
little tobin: alright i’ve got my gloves and lysol…
daughter: i thought we were just raking leaves?
little tobin: yeah exactly…
daughter: oh yick they are all wet and stinky!
little tobin: wait, wait! (scurrying back into the house, reappearing with a jar – sprinkles contents of jar on leaves)
daughter: what the heck are you doing? are those someones ashes??!?
little tobin: noooo, jeezz.
daughter: what is it then?
little tobin: (sprinkling furiously) it’s a scent! so there ya go, now they smell nice!
daughter: you have to be kidding me… now it’s a wet soggy smelly moldy pile of leaves that are perfume scented, this makes it so much better. thanks…
little tobin: (smiling like a school girl) you are welcome.

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