gym story #13 – cover me!…

little tobin: (hopping off the treadmill at a speed i haven’t seen her move in years) COVER ME!
daughter: (still on the treadmill, little tobin crouching behind) what the hell are you doing?…
little tobin: i cannot talk to that guy! (sort of now kneeling in the walkway)
daughter: who!? you know the entire gym can see you!
little tobin: i do not know his name but i do know i do not want to talk to him – he’s an old coworker.
daughter: well i don’t see anyone… ok i’m getting off this and going to the elliptical.
little tobin: (eyes darting everywhere) wait… no! what the heck is the little pickle?
daughter: i said the ELLIPTICAL! oh god you should just call it a night and go home.
little tobin: ok get my stuff out of the locker room – i’m outta here in a flash – cover me!
daughter: NO.

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